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For the smaller business that receives and makes/receives payment at the time of sale or purchase the cashbook may be the only bookkeeping record they require.

The Cashbook is used to record all payments made and deposits received by the business at the time they are made, and therefore can give you an up-to-date bank balance. You can also include amounts paid or received in Cash, as well as what goes through the bank account.  In today’s market a column for PayPal Receipts and Payments would also be useful, but if you are getting to this stage then it would be advisable to progress to an accounts software package.

There are two sides to the Cashbook one for Income and one for Expenditure.  You can include categories to break down the different types of sales and purchases so that when it comes to doing your Tax Return you have your total figures ready.

The Cashbook is also used to reconcile your Bank Account  which you should do at least a monthly, so that any errors or omissions in either will be discovered early.

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