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In simple terms  the amount owed for VAT is the amount of VAT charged on your sales invoices less the amount of vat you have paid on your purchases.

Things to consider before working out the amount you owe.

There are also rules relating to whether or not you can reclaim Vat on the purchase of a business car.  See here.

Rates of VAT

Standard 20% - most goods, phone, Gas, Electric for business use, postage package and delivery included in the sales contract if goods are standard rated

Exempt 0% - Educational vocational training, Financial Services, Insurance

Zero 0% - most but not all non catering foods, printing, publications, postage stamps, Passenger transport in a vehicle that carries not less than 10 passengers

Reduced 5% - Power, Gas Electric non business use

Outside the Scope - Road & Bridge Tolls,

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